Secure Storage

One of the most harrowing experiences that a homeowner has is moving from one place to another. This is especially true if you have a huge collection of personal items that needs to be packed and transported.  How about if you're a business owner and you need a few � or a lot of computers and other office equipment to be transported from one place to another? Or maybe you're the manager or a manufacturing company who is looking for temporary storage options for your products or equipment?

For all these, what you need is the services of a good storage solution provider. That is exactly the type of service that we offer here. Basically, we have warehouse facilities which are available for both long-term and short-term storage. Unlike other companies which rent their storage facilities, we do have our own so there's no add-on rate to compensate for the rental costs. This benefits you as a customer because you can rest assured that only the lowest rates will be offered to you, no matter which type of storage service it is that you need from us.

Storage Prices

Property sizeCu Ft RequiredSq Ft RequiredNo. Of ContainersPrice per week
1 Bed480602�30
2 Bed720903�45
3 Bed9601204�60
4 Bed12001505�75
* Our UK storage facility consists of wooden box containers each with a 240 cu ft (6ft x 5ft x 8ft) capacity. One of our JumboLutons = 4 containers.

Our Containerised Storage Units & Secure Safekeeping Solutions

Aside from the costs, what other benefits are there once you take advantage of the storage solutions that we have?  First of all, you can rest assured that any item that you will hand over to us for storage are kept safe and secure. All the items will be packed in a protective material, then placed safely in their respective containers. If you want, we can even seal the containers in your presence for added security.

Another way for us to ensure the security of the items is by using professional Alarm System. In the same vein, our warehouse is run and managed only be authorized and trained personnel who can guarantee the safety of your goods.

Our typical containerised storage units have a total volume of 240 cubic feet. Rent as many storage containers as you need, and rent it for as long or a short a time as you require. While in storage, you can make use of our protective quilts to protect your goods so that when you bring it out of the container, they're still as good as new.

To sum it all up, getting the best value for your money, securing the items that you are handing over to us for safekeeping and the flexibility of our storage options are the reasons why it pays to hire us whenever you need advanced storage solutions.
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