EU Moves - Avoid The Hassle

of Moving Internationally

Moving in itself is quite a long process if you come to think about it. But moving into a new address, internationally, presents a whole lot of new challenges for you and your family. We at Man and Van pride ourselves in our quality moving services wherever you may transfer to in Europe. We have a tried and tested process that we have been providing to our clients and for years, we have done international moving with great success.

Though we are based originally in Manchester, UK, we do international moving just as well as we do our local transports. Here are some things we adhere to and let our clients know whenever they are planning to move into a new address in a foreign country:

Check first about the country�s transit requirements

This may be the first obstacle that anyone would need to hurdle when moving internationally. Some laws in the UK, for example, will slightly be different from those of Spain or France. Whether you are relocating because of work or personal choice, it is always better to know how the local laws work especially with regards to moving and baggage transport.

Also, it would be advantageous to know the freight or custom fees that a particular country needs. This will make it easier for our clients to move and transfer their belongings to their new home.

Security in packing should be doubled.

Unlike local moves, international moves may take longer hours for the process to be done. This is why packing your stuff may take a lot more time and effort than usual. Boxes should be wrapped double and luggage should be secured more since they will be going through a lot of checking and processing whilst on the move.

Like our local moves, we also make sure that our clients� belongings  are packed properly before the move. We help in securing all of your belongings to avoid any damage especially during transit.

Label each and every box and luggage properly

Aside from securely packing your belongings, you also need to label them properly so as not to lose them whilst in transit. Write down you name, new address and contact numbers into your boxes so that they won�t be lost in transit. If ever they do, at least those who will find it will have an easy time sending it to the right place.

At Man and Van, we make sure that all of your boxes and luggage is accounted for and that we deliver them to your new address complete. We do inventories to make sure that we do not lose any of your possession whilst on the process of moving them.

We simplify the task of moving even if moving for you means a new address in a foreign country. Our fast and efficient service will take your minds off the thought of securing your belongings so you can just enjoy your new life in a new country.
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