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Moving House or Office

Moving is a very tiresome and lengthy process depending on where your new address would be. If it�s just within the city or country, then the process may take a little faster to complete but that does not mean that it would get any easier as compared to international transits. For you to have an assurance that your belongings are safe and will be transferred on time, you would need a quality moving service that is up to the standards that you are looking for.  

We at ManandVan pride ourselves with delivering fast and efficient services to our clients wherever their move may be. We work with our clients every step of the away to ensure that all of their moving needs are satisfied.

For us to efficiently perform our services, here are some things we usually require our customers to do for a faster and more efficient moving process:

1.Booking your removals as soon as the moving dates have been set.

Moving is a process and for us to efficiently accomplish the task, we would need the set dates and times you are planning your move. This is so because we need to check the availability of our personnel and the tools we would be disposing for your move. Though we are fairly flexible when it comes to schedules and performing tasks, you can avoid a whole lot of hassle and expenses if you know and set the dates of your planned move.

2.Make a list or inventory of your belongings

An inventory ensures that everything you are bringing during your move will be accounted for. We also do our own inventory but it�s more on the boxes which we will be transiting so we would like to help our clients in accounting for the specific things that we would be transferring.

This would also make tracking your packages a whole lot easier for everyone involved. If ever a box is lost or is mistakenly included in another moving van then it will not be too hard for us to track them down and redirect it to where it properly belongs.

3.Secure everything and use the right packing tools

For those who will be moving for the first time it can be quite a task to box all of your life�s belongings. But you need not worry since we are here to help you go about it the most efficient and proper way. Make sure you have boxes, packing tapes and other sturdy packing materials at your disposal. Make sure you have them before, during and after the whole moving process for that matter.

When moving, it is also advisable for you to sort out all of your belongings and leave out everything that you won�t need in your new home. You can also leave things that would trigger some bad memories or other stuff that just are not useful anymore. This can be tables, closets, cabinets, toys, personal belongings and others that won�t have a place in your new home.

4.Pack your essentials separately.

If you are moving especially to long distances, sort out all of your personal necessities and pack them in a separate bag to bring with you during your trip. First-aid kits, food and clothing may be included in this separate package.

These tips ensure you a smooth and care-free moving. We at Man and Van help our clients accomplish this so that they can just enjoy the moving process and let us worry about their possessions in transit. Moving is tedious but nobody said it can�t be fun at the same time.

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